Tree Removal

Need Help From Tree Removal Specialists?

Need Help From Tree Removal Specialists?

Turn to us for jobs in the Johnson City, Central, Kingsport, Bristol & Elizabethton, TN area

If you're worried about a dying, unsightly or dangerously located tree on your property, you should get tree removal services from Ernest Garland Tree Service. We'll determine if your tree is hazardous and work to cut it down safely. You can trust us to remove trees of any size and condition in the Johnson City, Central, Kingsport, Bristol and Elizabethton, TN area.

We even offer emergency tree removal services to resolve time-sensitive issues. Speak with a specialist today to get a free estimate.

Get superior tree removal services

Get superior tree removal services

You'll experience peace of mind when you hire our skilled professionals. We complete every tree removal job with:

  • Proper safety precautions
  • Expert focus and efficiency
  • Professional-grade equipment

We'll clean up your property once we're done, and we can even chop up wood to use as firewood upon request.

Don't wait to get rid of any potentially dangerous trees around your home or business. Request emergency tree removal services any time by calling 423-431-9909.

How to tell if it's time for tree removal

It's important to schedule tree removal before a hazardous tree falls and causes extensive damage. No matter how big the tree is, our team can safely remove it from your property. You should set up tree removal services if you have a tree on your property that is:

  • Leaning over your home
  • Showing signs of rot, disease or pest infestations
  • Growing too close to power lines

If you have a precarious tree and a storm is coming, then you should contact us for emergency tree removal. We're available 24/7. Set up emergency tree removal services by calling us now.

Removing the unsafe trees on your property

Sometimes, you need to remove trees because they aren't safe and put you at risk of liability. In these cases, it's important that you act quickly to prevent possible property damage. You need to get rid of:

  • Dead trees
  • Dying trees
  • Hollow trees
  • Invasive trees
  • Unstable trees
  • Diseased trees
  • Damaged trees

Unsure about the state of your trees? Thankfully, Ernest Garland Tree Service can assist you in Johnson City, Central, Bristol or Elizabethton, TN. Our tree removal experts will assess your trees and remove any unsafe, dead or dying trees safely. Reach out to us today for professional tree removal services.